Covid measures. Is it mandatory to wear masks on board?
Yes, as long as the circumstances and current regulations do not change. When boarding, your temperature will be measured and the data of all the passengers will be taken.

What clothes should I bring?
Bring clothes that are comfortable for you. Don’t forget bathing suits and a towel. And it is advisable to bring something warm in case the wind gets cool. It is advisable to wear a cap / hat to protect yourself from the sun

What footwear should I wear?
Comfortable footwear with soft rubber sole, not black. Sandals cannot be used during boarding.

Any precautions before boarding?
If you are susceptible to dizziness, you can take a drug that is known to avoid it (ask your pharmacist or doctor). I do recommend that you do not board hungry.
It is advisable to apply sunscreen cream at least 30 minutes before exposure

Can the bathroom on board be used?
Yes, you can use it when you need it.

Can the kitchen and fridge be used?
The refrigerator can be used at all times. The kitchen only when the boat was anchored.

What does the price include?
The price includes boat rental with skipper / VAT / Accident insurance for people on board / Fuel.

Can they go minors?
Yes of course. On the boat there are size S life jackets.

What means of payment?
Card / Bizum / Bank transfer / Cash.

Can you do any specific navigation other than those offered on the web?
Of course. Tell me what you would like and I will do my best to attend to it.

If you have any other question, doubt or suggestion. If you would like to know more about the boat or the experiences of Al Través…